Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Spectrum

For life to be truly rich and rewarding, we have to run the full gamut of possibilities. We have to take chances. Our thoughts and feelings, our experiences, and the people we encounter will always present us with the opportunities and obstacles to learn and grow. Sometimes the lessons are immediately salient and those are always welcome. I wish that would happen more often. At other times, the lessons are hard to come by, only revealing themselves at a much, much later time. It's the hard-earned lessons that really test us and therefore have the potential to be more enriching. On a personal note, it may take me several tries to improve on my thoughts, feelings, and actions but I can assure you I will make mistakes along the way. To be honest, if I knew what to do in all situations, I wouldn't be risking anything and I wouldn't be growing. Be patient with me though. I am not lazy in my approach. I will do my best with the tools that I have at that moment in time and then I will reflect and learn and hopefully earn my rewards.